What a Year



What a year. 2016 had ups and downs, losses and gains, twists and turns. I don’t know about you, but I feel a little sea-sick! I’m hoping 2017 is a little less crazy. A girl can dream, can’t she?

It’s been a good writing year. I finished writing and revising DREAD and published! I’ve sold some copies, and not just to my family, LOL! Some of those readers even left five-star reviews. Weirdly, I miss my characters a little bit. I spent almost every day with them for over two years, after all. I’m sure they don’t miss me but are enjoying new life every time they spring to life in a reader’s imagination. I *heart* you Nate, Garrett, Sophia, and Lindsey!

I stretched out of my writing comfort zone and wrote a short story in the Dystopian Horror genre. Dystopia always felt overwhelming to me. Seriously, how in the world do you create a whole new world…out of your words? I spent a large part of my summer working on Code Yankee Sierra 7 so I could enter it in the  Pandora’s Box of Horrors Challenge. Guess what? It tied for the win. Pretty exciting!

I’ve made amazing writing friends and connections this year. Their stories captivated, spooked, entangled, and encouraged me. Thanks, guys!

I wrote three other short stories. One was originally posted as a Thanksgiving story, but I revised it to a Christmas story (All Through the Night) and popped it up on WattPad for fun. Another one is also a Christmas story (The Kalli-Who) that was published on this blog as a playful holiday share with you, the readers! Lastly, just for grins, I reworked a story I wrote a very long time ago (Best Night Ever) and also shared that on WattPad.

My current WIP Shiver is coming along. I’m still getting to know the characters, and so far, I like them. Too bad I’ll have to terrorize, burden, and maybe knock some of them off *evil giggle*. What?  I’m a writer, it’s what I do.

A writer. You’d think I’d feel perfectly fine calling myself a writer by now, wouldn’t you? But it still feels awkward. When I think writer, I think of Anne Rice, Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, and the like. When I say I am a writer, it seems arrogant and like a big overblown fishy tale. Despite the list of accomplishments above, it feels like I am the biggest poser in history, play acting a childhood fantasy and hoping the world buys it. I wonder if the people I mentioned before ever feel that way.

For 2017 my resolution is to own it. To boldly submit works and laugh in the face of rejection letters! To shout, I AM A WRITER! Well, maybe just say it in an inside voice.

Here’s wishing you an adventurous, thrilling, spooky, joyous, own-your-truth new year. I hope you get some of that through reading something I wrote for you.

Until next year, Never Turn Off the Lights!

Ring in the New Year with a Scare

Usually at this time of the year most people like to give a round-up of the year or a look at the coming year. Well, not this one. I prefer to add to your ability to stay up till midnight on New Year’s eve. What better way to do that than with a ghost story? A true one at that.

Ghost Tour

One year for my husband’s birthday I took him on ghost tour in the small mountain town of Morrison, Colorado about 10 minutes from where we lived.  We walked around the charming little historic town with flashlights and the guide took us to various areas that are supposedly haunted.


Downtown Morrison, Colorado

As we approached an antique store with a large old-fashioned wrap around porch we could smell scented candles burning. Hanging from the porch were large copper candle lanterns that the guide told us came from a well-known cemetery that had been moved to make room for  our state’s growing capital housing needs. When this cemetery was moved the man who was paid to do so did not do such a good job. It was discovered that he and his workers separated bones of the deceased into various coffins as he was paid by the coffin and that the dead were treated with terrible disrespect.  It was also rumored that not all the bodies were moved.  However, this rumor proved to be true when in 2010 workers who were digging irrigation trenches uncovered four skeletons and remains of a casket. People claim to see apparitions at the park and those that live near the park claim to have seen confused and lost looking phantoms knock on their doors.

As we walked over the porch of this antique store and headed down the alley to the next sight there was a cold wind blowing in our faces.  Suddenly, the aroma of the candles hit us all…the shop was to our back and the wind was blowing in our faces. The entire group commented on how weird that was.  After the tour I made my husband go back to the shop with me and we detected no odor or evidence of candles.

We drove home feeling satisfied that we had a good time but with no explanation for the smell.  We pulled up in our drive way and stepped out of our truck to be met by… the aroma of candles.

I hope you have a safe and fun time seeing 2013 out and ushering in 2014, and remember, never turn off the lights.