Cursed Objects?

I was searching around on the internet in the pursuit of football cleats and storage systems, and as is common with me, I strayed from my task at hand. When searching storage items a result popped up for burial urns. You did know that cookies and previous search history affect your search results, right? For most writers, if the police had to check out our search history we’d be in big trouble.

I followed the burial urn finding which eventually led me to Ebay where I found several “haunted urns” for sale. This led to haunted dolls, jewelry, photos, paintings, furniture, and more. This got me thinking about the validity of the claims. Can an object be haunted or cursed? Can an inanimate object retain energy from a previous owner? So much for football cleats and organizing the basement playroom.

I started searching around the internet and along with some episodes of “The Haunted Collector” I found some weird stories. The one that follows stood out for reasons I’ll reveal later.

The Basano Vase

The Cursed Basano Vase via Pinterest

The Cursed Basano Vase via Pinterest

This is a 15th century Italian silver vase with a disturbing history. Italian folklore says that it was a wedding gift to a young woman who died on her wedding night with the vase clutched to her chest. As it passed from family member to family member it brought death to anyone who owned it. The family reportedly hid the vase away but it was found again in 1988 with a note tucked inside that read “beware – this vase brings death”.

The person who found it was apparently not a believer in such things and threw away the note and sold the vase to an auction house. It went through the hands of a pharmacist, a surgeon, an archeologist, and an unlisted fourth owner. All of these owners died unexpectedly just weeks after purchasing the vase.

The last owner’s family tossed the cursed thing out of the window in desperation. It almost hit a passing police officer who promptly issued a disorderly behavior ticket. The officer tried to return the vase but the family member stated he would rather be arrested than take it back! It is reported that the police buried the vase.

Why is that Significant?

As with most things I find interesting, I was sharing all of this information and the possibility of making it a blog post with my husband. I usually spring this stuff on him in the car or very late at night, that seems to be the only time we ever have to chat.

He told me that a few days before, a woman had brought a very old copper pot with intricate inscriptions on it to his shop. The handle had broken off and she wondered if anyone there could repair it for her. After repairing it they were unable to get her to come back and pick it up, to the point that she stopped returning their phone calls. Jokingly, my husband told the guy who volunteered to fix it that it had better not be some kind of cursed thing.

Coincidence? I don’t believe in them and told him to get rid of it just to be safe, but take a picture first for my post! By the time he got back around to it she had already picked it up, no picture for me!

Just a side-note, as I was getting ready to post this I remembered that I have a silver vase in my house. It was purchased at a thrift store to use in staging our house when we sold it a couple years ago. I liked it so much I kept it. Now I’m wondering if I should be wondering about its history!


Think you have a cursed object? The good news is that you can probably sell it on Ebay or at the thrift store, the bad news is the rate of return might be high. And the bad-bad news, it may return itself! Until next time, Never Turn off the Lights!