I’m Back, Sort Of…

Sorry I’ve been absent from this space for a while. My Dad ‘went to the big truck stop in the sky’, as my brother likes to say. His health had been declining for some time thanks to F*&king Alzheimers. It is such an insidious disease, the worst, heartbreaking, pure torture. It did not win, however.

He wasn’t always able to communicate it, but I know he still loved us, even if he didn’t remember us. We remembered everything about him. He’s one of the reasons I love Fortean topics, he was open-minded and curious about that stuff too. He is the reason I love the outdoors and animals and most everything good about me came from him. He’s the reason I hate war movies. He was a World War II combat veteran, a true badass, but to see what he went through is too much. He’s the reason I will forever love the smell of axle grease and diesel fuel. He owned and operated his own trucking company and drove over the road until he was 86!

We laid him to rest next to our mother, he waited a long time to see her again.

I haven’t written any fiction or even been able to focus for a while now, but I know he’d expect me to get my shit together and get to work. So I will. Even if tears stain the keyboard, which they probably will. Grief takes over whenever it wants.

Have a coffee (we always drank coffee together on the mornings I came to take care of him) or go for a hike, go fishing, research UFO’s, hunt bigfoot, be badass, be strong, or be kind to animals or some other human today to help me honor my pop.

Now, time to blow my nose, dry my eyes (for now) and get to work. Love you forever, Pop.


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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s not easy losing your parents (I’ve had to say goodbye to both of mine as well), and the hardest part is moving forward without them. Take your time, let the tears flow when they need to, remember the great times, and know that eventually the grief lessens.

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