Tomorrow is the Big Night!


Halloween is finally here! I’ve been gorging myself on scary movies all week. Next week I’ll be gorging myself on my kids’ candy! Shh, please don’t tell them. In past years they have actually hidden their Halloween candies from me. I’m going to need all that sugar to fuel my first ever participation in NaNoWriMo!

Usually on Halloween night, after all the trick-or-treaters have gone to bed, we like to listen to spooky tales. I have a few shows that I would like to recommend if you are up for the same type of entertainment.

Jim Harold is the king of paranormal podcasting. He has a show called Jim Harold’s Campfire where listeners call in with their own paranormal experiences. The stories are always entertaining and some are downright terrifying. The thing I like most about Jim is how respectful and engaging he is with his guests.

I listen to The Darkness on the Edge of Town regularly. It is  hosted by Dave Schrader (you may recognize him from guest hosting of Coast to Coast). This show delves into various paranormal topics from diverse viewpoints. Dave is a talented interviewer and makes each episode entertaining, no matter how “interesting” the guest. Once a week listeners can call in or email their own paranormal experiences and tales. Darkness Radio can be heard live out of Minnesota, by podcast, TuneIn, I heart Radio, and Stitcher.

For the younger crowd, the well known scary story crafter R.L. Stine, has some audio stories on his website in a feature called Rainy Night Theater. The stories are as spooky as his Goosebumps and Fear Street book stories.

You could always sit around and read aloud from by blog! Whatever you do, have a safe and fun time. This is one night that you should turn off the lights!