La Llorona – the weeping woman

Image La Llorona by rareworlds

If you grew up in the southwest, you’ve likely heard of her.  I’ve heard a few different versions now but here is the one that my grandma used to keep us in line when were kids.

Once there was a very beautiful girl who lived in a very poor village.  She was very conceited and obsessed with her own beauty.  One day a rich man visited her village and noticed her extraordinary beauty.  He started to pursue her and finally she married him.

However, he was soon very unhappy because she spent her days brushing her hair and staring at herself in the mirror.  He hoped that having children would bring him joy and make her less selfish.  So they had two babies very close in age.

The children did bring the man great joy but the woman remained self absorbed and neglected her children.  No longer able to take it, the man made plans to take his children and leave the woman for a different woman.  Somehow she learned of his plan.

Out of jealousy, anger, and revenge she put the children in a sack and drown them in the river. Once she realized what she had done she drown herself as well.

But it was too late, as punishment for her sins she wanders the river shore every night in a long white gown calling, “where are my children” and weeping loudly.  If you visit the river by yourself or at night she might get you and drown you in an attempt to reclaim her lost children. She will also come and snatch misbehaving children from their beds and drag them to the water to drown them.  Many people claim to have seen her or heard her weeping and calling when camped near a river.